Downlight LED (Pro)
Life time: up to 50,000 Hrs
Size Range: 150mm to 200mm
Watt: 14W, 25W, 35W
Specially designed for indoor interior applications Easy installation with 60% power consumption saving
Downlight LED DALI
Life time: up to 50,000 Hrs
Size Range: 200mm
Watt: 25W and 35W
Functional design, homogeneous light with high luminous efficacy
Dimmable with recommended DALI Drivers
Applications: General illuminations, public areas, stairways, Corridors, Foyers and Shops
Downlight PRO LED
Life time: up to 50,000/30,000 Hrs
Size Range: 105mm to 200mm
Watt: 9W, 13W, 16W, 20W, 25W
Beam Angle: 60 Degree to 75 Degree
Stylish, Die cast aluminium housing leads to reliable heat dissipation
Easy to fit, Uniform illumination and external drivers makes the product flexile
Applications: Office building, shopping mall, retail store and hospitality
Slim Panel Downlight LED
Life time: up to 30,000 Hrs
Size Range: 175mm to 205mm
Watt: 17W and 18W
Integrated edge-lit LCD backlight technology with elegant slim White frame
Applications: Corridors, entrances, foyers, stairwells, elevators, and retail shops
LED Value Downlight LED
Life time:up to 15,000 Hrs
Size Range: 70mm to 200mm
Watt: 3.3W, 4.5W, 5.5W, 6.5W, 10.5W, 16.5W
Uniform illumination, flicker free, mercury-free and RoHS compliant
Applications: Corridors, entrances, foyers, stairwells and elevators

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